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Apple‘s 2019 iPhone models are surprisingly cheap and affordable to many buyers globally after the firm announced its new devices yesterday as is custom every September.

Unfortunately for Apple, the interest in its iPhone events is decreasing year after year, together with the sales of the iPhones that have come under intense pressure from the popular and high-profile Android phone manufacturers from Asia. Considering all the above, one might expect Apple to present its new iPhones filled with innovative features and impressive services. Well, this year’s event has left a sour taste in many users’ mouths.

Surprisingly cheap?

Upon its release, last year’s iPhone XR was the cheapest of the new iPhone models presented, with a price tag of $749 attached to it. This year’s most affordable model is, in turn, surprisingly cheap: it starts at $699 (around Ksh. 73,000), one dollar under the psychological barrier.
Statistics have shown that the taste of the majority of smartphone buyers has changed in the last few years: most of them prefer mid-range devices with a more affordable price to flagships that – let’s face it – are expensive. Since most people would use a flagship the same way they use a mid-range phone, to read the news, play a few games, perhaps check out the odds at Betway and stream a few Netflix videos, the price difference (which can be substantial) simply doesn’t feel justified.

New features

For the first time, Apple’s iPhones have a multi-camera setup. The iPhone 11 comes with a dual-camera (two 12MP sensors, one wide, and one ultra-wide lens), 2x optical zoom, capable of recording 4K video at up to 60fps, and the iPhone 11 Pro (and Pro Max) comes with a triple-camera setup with 12MP Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras. This is the first time an iPhone comes with a multi-camera setup (even though Android phones have had multiple cameras since 2016).
Otherwise, the new iPhone models don’t come with anything revolutionary – not even 5G. Among the new features of the new iPhones, we could mention a faster FaceID with a slightly wider angle, support for Wi-Fi 6, and the new Apple A13 Bionic chip that’s faster than its predecessor.


New colors, pretty much the same design

The new iPhones have a design that, apart from the multiple cameras on their backs, is strikingly similar to last year’s models. They even come with the same notch in the top of the screen. They will be available in a bunch of new colors, though: the iPhone 11 will come in Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, (PRODUCT)RED, and White, while the iPhone 11 Pro models will both come in a new color, Midnight Green, aside from the traditional Gold, Space Gray, and Silver. Overall, this year’s iPhone launch was surprisingly unimpressive. The only significant improvement compared to last year’s models is the new camera and the bigger battery. Many of those already using last year’s iPhones will likely not have a reason to upgrade to these at all even though there could be cheap iPhone contract offers – let’s hope they’ll have all the more reasons to do so in 2020.


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