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Back to punches: BAK factions release parallel schedules for 2019 calendar



Boxing Association of Kenya are back to square one after the two warring factions released parallel calendars for the 2019 season.

This is despite Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa having arbitrated the two factions late last year and brought them together.

The two BAK chairmanship aspirants Anthony Ombok Otieno aka Jamal and Ken Otieno aka Kentrack had agreed to work together and hold one election within the confines of law and in good time to avoid court battles.

The two factions also agreed that the electorate will comprise of counties which will have been cleared by the Register of Sports. But with the strange turn of events, it seems wrangling is far from over. Former Kenyan international Patrick ‘Mont’ Waweru who is also the fixtures secretary in John Kameta’s faction released a calendar under BAK’s logo with the other, also with BAK logo, coming from Nakuru-based Isaac Mbote, who is the Interim secretary of BAK.

Currently, BAK has three interim officials recognised by the Registrar of Sports thus Kameta who is the interim chairman, George ‘Foreman’ Onyango, the Interim treasurer and Mbote. Former Kenya junior team coach Musa Benjamin observed that Waweru should not have released the calendar as he has no role in the current BAK Interim Committee.

BAK’s term of office ended in May 2017, triggering prolonged squabbling and the subsequent split of BAK into two factions—one headed by Mbote and the other by Kameta.

Mbote’s faction is rooting for Jamal Otieno while Kameta’s camp is supporting Kentrack Otieno.

“I think the competition secretary in liaison with the committee can release the calendar otherwise when there’s only the interim officials like it is the case with BAK now, the mandate falls under the interim secretary,” Musa said.

Following the calendar mix-up, boxing stakeholders are now demanding action in the run up to the on and off BAK election which may be jeopardized by the renewed chaos.

Both Kameta and Mbote couldn’t be reached for comment but a boxing enthusiast speaking on condition of anonymity said: “This is definitely not the way to go. If anything it’s the boxers you’re confusing. Why can’t you all sit at a round table and come up with one calendar. Let’s hope the elections will be held soon to avoid this circus.”

Former Kenya international Duncan Kuria aka Sugar Ray said: “It’s madness that needs to be corrected as soon as possible but the issue of elections should be sorted urgently because with the on going chaos, Kenya will not feature in April’s Africa Championship, which will serve as a World Championship qualifier.”

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