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Best Hard Drive Data Recovery software for macOS Catalina




You have to admit that data loss is something that has happened or will happen in the future in this digital era. Since many people have upgraded to the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina, they are seeking data recovery software that can work on this new platform. Even though many data recovery tools claim that they are compatible with macOS 10.15, you will find some of them cannot meet all your requirements when looking into the details of technical specifications and capabilities. 

When we are filtering hard drive data recovery tools for macOS 10.15, we focus on those capabilities that are badly needed and well-performed. Then we come across iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac and we believe it has been the best data recovery software for macOS Catalina so far to recover deleted or lost data from hard drives.

It can recover deleted or lost data from Mac’s internal hard drive

  1. Undelete files on Mac

Unlike “Delete” option on Windows, you can only choose to “Move to Trash” on Mac every time you want to delete a file. Therefore, all deleted files will be kept in Trash and you can undelete them from there. However, if you have emptied the Trash or delete a file through key shortcut, deleted files will become inaccessible unless you use data recovery software to find them. 

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is capable of recovering files from emptied Trash in macOS Catalina. It can recover pictures, screenshots, applications, documents, videos, audio, folders, emails or other files that are deleted and emptied from the Trash. 

  1. Restore lost files when Mac won’t boot

Another situation where you will need hard drive data recovery is that your Mac won’t boot into the desktop normally when it is turned on. It often happens after you upgrade to a newer version of the OS such as upgrading from macOS Mojave to macOS Catalina. It also can occur after the startup disk is attacked by virus or malware. Since the Mac cannot completely boot, you have no way to access the files saved on the Mac. The solutions for this problem include downgrading to an earlier and stable OS version or reinstalling the OS, but either of them will delete the stored files. 

I believe most of you will upgrade to macOS 10.15 later, so it is very essential to have a data recovery tool that can prepare yourself for an unbootable Mac. This data recovery software provides two methods to restore lost files from a Mac that can’t boot. One method is using it to create a bootable drive on another healthy Mac, boot the Mac and then recover data. The other method is highly recommended because it won’t need another Mac and a bootable USB drive. What you need to do is to restart the Mac in Recovery Mode and run a command line to run iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac from its server for data recovery. It is efficient and convenient. With it, all your files can be restored successfully.


In addition to internal hard drive data recovery, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac can help when you need data recovery from external hard drives.

It can recover deleted or lost data from an external hard drive

  1. Undelete files from an external hard drive

When you are organizing and managing a lot of files on an external hard disk on Mac, accidental deletion can happen without your awareness. Later you find your useful files are missing. The files deleted from external hard drive will be held in the Trash first too. However, if you cannot find the deleted files there, you will need a hard drive data recovery tool like iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

This software has a very success rate of recovering deleted files from external hard drives, especially those files that are recently deleted. Previously deleted information can be undeleted as well if they are not overwritten.

  1. Restore lost files when an external hard drive is not working or formatted

When the disk is not working properly in macOS Catalina, some common symptoms are listed below:

The external hard drive could be seriously corrupted and files become out of reach via regular ways. If the disk is mistakenly fully formatted, the situation will be the same. 

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac has deep scan feature which can scan thoroughly the disk for lost files. It may take hours to finish the scanning if you have lots of files on the external hard drive. All your useful information will be found and categorized well for your easier recovery. 


iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac can be downloaded and installed free of charge on Mac. It can free scan the disk to preview recoverable files for free as well. With it, you can recover data from a disk up to 1GB for free. For more capabilities, you need to unlock the paid versions – Home Edition ($69.95), Professional Edition($99.95) and Technician Edition($299). 


Because of the security update in macOS 10.15, you need to enable full disk access to iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac first. If you are looking for a data recovery program for macOS Catalina, try out this program today.


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