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Bomet governor Barchok faces political tsunami – Weekly Citizen



Bomet county politics is becoming more dynamic with Governor Hillary Barchok losing ground while his political enemies are gaining popularity as 2022 general election approach. The undoing of Governor Barchok is failing to be in control of the county government. It is in public domain that MCAs are the people who matter in terms of projects, an issue that has made the governor unpopular. As he prepares to defend the seat come next year, it will not be easy moving around since currently two aspirants will give him a rough time. The two are chief administrative secretary for Mining and Petroleum Eng John Mosonik and former governor Isaac Ruto the only aspirants whose names are being mentioned across the county. Ruto served the county for one term but was humiliated by the late Joyce Laboso who was elected as the second governor in the county.

Hillary Barchok

Barchok took over following Laboso death and now is struggling to defend the seat that he inherited from the late governor. It is not easy for him to retain the seat because of strong opponents ready to confine him to political dust pin come 2022 polls. The factor that is likely to dominate is whoever nominates a running mate from Konoin has high chances of being the governor. Barchok is already out of the equation since Konoin residents are not happy with his leadership having failed to appoint one of them to be the county secretary. Though Simon Langat who is the chief officer of Education is in acting capacity it is not enough for Konoin residents to celebrate Langat as the county secretary. Since former county secretary Stella Langat appointment was nullified, it was expected that Barchok will consider Konoin if he wants to consolidate votes come 2022.

John Mosonik

After the governor failed to appoint a replacement from Konoin subcounty, the residents have come open saying they will teach Barchok a lesson come next year. In that case, it will be Mosonik or Isaac Ruto to take advantage and use the opportunity by thinking on how to unite Konoin and win support. The former governor, though popular among the electorate, was poor in public relations when he was in power since he was selective and not easy to reach. Ordinary people who wanted to access him it was not easy as junior officers were under instructions that he was busy on official issues. Another undoing for Isaac Ruto is a political party where the majority are behind newly formed United Democratic Alliance, a party associated with deputy president William Ruto. The entire South Rift region is supporting the party and Chama Cha Mashinani of Isaac Ruto may not take him anywhere as far as the community culture exists of supporting the DP.

Isaac Ruto

In that case, the former Bomet governor has slim chances of being elected if the situation remains as it is now. On the other hand, Mosonik who is currently being felt in three sub-counties is the man to watch in next year gubernatorial elections. He is on UDA ticket. Mosonik presence is felt in Sotik his home area, Konoin and Bomet Central and indeed if he maintains the status quo then he stands a chance to win the seat. According to a section of Konoin residents, Mosonik is the only aspirant who will consider the area important and not as a voting tool as others have done before. Konoin is said to be the last sub-county in terms of employment while Chepalungu is leading and maybe because of the former governor’s influence when he was in power and Senator Christopher Langat hails from the region. Political pundits know the propaganda that is being used by opponents to damage the growing popularity of Mosonik saying he used his position when he was a permanent secretary to develop Sotik subcounty.

Cleophas Lagat

It is in public domain that most tarmac roads in the county were done during his tenure as the PS and his work cannot be equaled to anybody within the county. If the voters in the entire five sub counties support one of their own, Isaac Ruto a resident of Tumoi in Chepalungu will have sizeable votes, Barchok a resident of Mulot in Bomet East will be voted while Sotik is solid for Mosonik. In a situation that the three aspirants for the governor in 2022 is supported fully in their respective areas then Konoin and Bomet Central will be a factor on who will carry the day. But Bomet Central is another determining factor since county women rep Joyce Korir is being mentioned that she might contest for the top seat. It will be interesting to watch how two university comrades battle out for top county seat. Isaac Ruto and Mosonik were both in University of Nairobi in the early 1980s. Isaac Ruto is a seasoned politician and has served as a cabinet minister while Mosonik is trying his luck for the first time in politics.

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