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Businesses that boom during holidays : The Standard



Cross necklaces.

1. Put a cross on it

As Easter is traditionally celebrated as a Christian holiday, commemorating Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, Bibles and anything cross-shaped sell well this time of year; from jewelry to furniture and interior décor pieces like simple cushions covers and wall hangings.
Entrepreneurs can make a killing by customize some of their items to incorporate the cross shape and boost their returns this season.

Easter eggs and bunny.

2. Eggs and bunnies

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There are those who don’t embrace Easter as a Christian holiday. They opt for the eggs and bunnies over crosses, while others mark the season both ways. Either way, some businesses tend to have both features to cater to both markets and make good business.
3. Hotels and resorts
Being a 4-day holiday, hotels and resorts are always booming during Easter. Friends, families and couples to take advantage of the time off work to let their hair down, take a dip in the ocean or go on safari.
For instance, at the south coast, Diani Reef Hotel and Spa has recorded 98 per cent booking in the last two weeks.

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“We are currently fully booked. We have recorded a good number of bookings of both local and international visitors this long weekend of Easter holiday,” managing director Bobby Kamani said.
4. Restaurants
Now, not everyone can afford to go on holiday and some may just avoid it because the hotels and resorts can get a little crowded.
However, this doesn’t stop them from having a good time.

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Restaurants also get good business because they offer a ‘short getaway’. People can walk in and out for good food, great vibes and fun ambience.
Families with children especially take advantage of this.
And let’s not forget those who’d rather just sit home, order in and chill – the restaurants still cash in.
5. Bars and clubs  

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After having a great meal during the day, and chilling with family and friends, what a better way to wind down than to turn up, toss back a glass and dance the night away – or at least that’s the logic that gets club businesses booming during the holidays.

A loaded matatu.

6.  Transport sector
If you choose to go somewhere, you must have a way to get there, and during the holidays, it’s hardly ever by foot.
A bus here, a plane there… The transport sector thrives during the holiday season.
Most public transport vehicles tend to hike prices during the holidays; the longer the commute, the higher the fare.
Airfare sometimes drops weeks to the holiday, for early bookings, but when the season actually kicks in they go up. Either way, most flights are usually fully booked which translates to good business both carriers and airports.
Cabs and trains also ride to the bank.

Elephants in Amboseli.

7. Parks and Reserves
Nature lovers and thrill seekers also splurge on parks and reserves, particularly those that have more to offer than just viewing animals and birds.
Hiking, zip lining, mountain climbing, bike riding and all manner of outdoor fun attracts thrill seekers who will happily a fee to enjoy the activities, views and even sounds.

Zip lining

There’s basically a way for every person to spend money during the holidays and many businesses go an extra mile to offer special value for the coins.

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