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CBK accepts KSh 12.5 billion at weekly t-bills sale



CBK Accepted bids worth KSh 12.5 billion at the Weekly Treasury Bills auction out of bids amounting to KSh 13.1 billion out of KSh 24 billion offered, an undersubscription of 54.42%. Successful non-competitive bids amounted to KSh 8.2 billion, while competitive bids were worth KSh 4.3 billion at this auction.

The most attractive instruments were the 364-day treasury bills which received bids worth KSh 9.7 billion out of KSh 10 billion on offer, a performance rate of 97.25%, with the state fiscal agent accepting KSh 9.2 billion.

The least attractive debt instruments were the 91-day treasury bills, which received bids amounting to KSh 494.3 m out of KSh 4 billion on offer, with the apex monetary authority accepting KSh 468.3m, a performance rate of 12.36%.

The 182-day treasury bills attracted bids amounting to KSh 2,845.90 m, a performance rate of 28.46%, while bids worth KSh 2,845.42m were accepted at this auction.

CBK Rate of Return to Investors

CBK is offering rates of return to successful bidders at 7.744%, 8.901% and 9.881% for the 91-day, 182-day and 364-day treasury bills at this auction.

These interest rates offered compares to 7.758%, 8.832% and 9.879%, respectively, at the previous auction.

Bids closure and the next auction is June 2nd 2022, while results will be announced on June 3rd 2022.

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