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Changes to law must go on, say Raila allies : The Standard



Senate minority leader James Orengo addressing a gathering at Kabonyo in Nyando constituency on April 01,2018. (Denish Ochieng, Standard)

ODM legislators have renewed calls for amendments to the Constitution.

Those calling for constitutional changes want a parliamentary system of governance that can give room for the creation of the position of a prime minister and a deputy, among others positions.
The lawmakers said changing the Constitution, following the famous handshake between party leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 9, was one of the goals they hoped would be achieved in 2019.
Raila has also been keen on a referendum, arguing it is the only way to make Kenya better for all.

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The Opposition chief says reviewing the Constitution will help address some of the problems Kenyans face.
Raila’s foot soldiers, who spoke separately, are Siaya Senator James Orengo and MPs Jared Okello (Nyando), Samuel Atandi (Alego) and Nominated MP Oburu Oginga. They said the push for a change in the Constitution was for the greater good.
Mr Orengo said countries that had succeeded economically and socially, including the USA, had done several amendments to their constitutions.
He said Kenyans should also embrace the idea of changing the law to help rectify some shortcomings.
“We hope to review the Constitution and conduct a referendum. We will also conduct a census to help us know our current population,” said Orengo.

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Yesterday, Dr Oburu dismissed claims that the push to change the Constitution was meant to create jobs for a few individuals.
He said there were gaps in the Constitution that could only be rectified through a referendum.
“We have all agreed we must change the Constitution and the public is being asked for their views over the same,” said Oburu.
Mr Okello said some of the gaps in the Constitution were identified before the country embraced the document in 2010.
He said they had been waiting for the right time to conduct a constitutional review.

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“Our focus is also to devolve the power of the presidency to help improve on accountability,” said Okello.

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