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Coffee farmers to get 80% of gross earnings under proposed regulations



New proposed regulations awaiting review by MPs will see coffee farmers get 80% of the gross earnings while co-operative societies, marketers, and millers receive 20%.

The regulations were formed out of findings issued by a task force appointed by President Uhuru to look into the sector.

The above changes are a section of the reforms which began in 2016.

“The cost charged by co-operative societies to growers for pulping, factory expenses, transportation, milling, warehousing, brokerage, and any other expenses shall be as per the societies’ budget but shall not exceed 20 per cent of the gross earnings from coffee sales to 80 per cent of gross earnings,” part of the regulations stated.

A month ago, the Government announced the issuance of Sh3 billion cherry advance revolving fund to coffee farmers with an interest of three percent per annum.

“The agenda is designed to boost production, reduce the cost of processing and milling as well as transaction costs at the auction market,” President Kenyatta said.

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