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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has made the political riddle a rib-cracking trademark and an electrifying arsenal at the podium. But last week, one of his embattled MPs Suleiman Dori, who is staring at possible expulsion from Baba’s party, lurched onto the medium to save his job as MP for Msabweni. ODM’s disciplinary committee had days earlier recommended he be kicked out. But Dori is a cunning survivor. He sought an audience with Baba and put in a humorous apology. He told the ODM supremo that in just about every home, there are chickens. Each morning the birds rush out of their pens in search of food wherever they can find it. But when dusk sets in, each needs no reminder that it is time to dash back to the safety of home. Baba burst into a beaming smile. In essence, he admitted his dalliance with Deputy President William Ruto should be seen in the context of birds hustling for survival. Only time will tell whether his comical petition will save his political career.

A certain flamboyant governor of a top county has become a cash-cow of some of his county assembly members. He is forced to tip the MCAs anytime they show up in his office to buy their silence. The man is known for his open philandering and on one foreign trip was filmed being massaged by female sex workers. The clip was handed to some of the MCAs who had accompanied him. Now it is used to blackmail the governor. Unable to confront them or resort to undiplomatic ways to sort the matter once and for all, the governor has resorted to issuing veiled threats to the adamant MCAs keen to use the clips to tame him. Recently the governor was overheard telling some of them if it wasn’t for that clip he will have meted unspecified action on them.

We told you of a cabinet secretary who took upon himself, went ahead to advertise a managing director position of one of the agencies under his ministry so he could award his clansman and a crony the plum job and unseat the incumbent. The CS is now a troubled man. Why? the host community where the state agency is headquartered have written a demand letter containing ultimatum to the effect that incase the current Managing Director for whom they credit of changing their lives and being a man of integrity beyond reproach is sacked, then they will not accept any other other MD to take over other than one of their own. They claim the MD position since the formation of the state agency has been held by those from a neighbouring county. Secondly, the man is a worried as investigations have commenced ascertaining if there was fraud and abuse of office in regards to the advert that was later cancelled after the board protested.

Communication officials in various government departments hired by Public Service Commission are unhappy lot. Reason? Corridors has been told that Cabinet Secretaries, heads of parastatals have hired a set of communication officials on contract basis are they are given preferential treatment compared to those hired by PSC. A mole has told corridors that in most cases, they grab all foreign trips where they know they will make money but when it comes to local functions, they want those of PSC to go.

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