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A senior official from the EACC has been over heard swearing that a former politician whose name was among a list of those being sought for corruption allegations will not be cleared for an impending high-level appointments expected soon. The politician is one of the few leaders who performed well during their tenure. The EACC official is said to be interested in a new high-ranking position in government after failing to make it to the helm of the anti-graft agency. Through his behind-the-scenes maneuvers, the official has been frustrating some cases at the commission but many say his days are numbered. Will the EACC CEO designate Twalib Mbarak push for a grand house cleaning at the commission to get rid of cartels? Well time will tell.


Just why did a certain politician hire bloggers who have littered all social media with theories of mistaken identity in the midst of a viral nude video? The bloggers have been on the override dissecting the video and giving almost choreographed details ostensibly to distance the legislator from the scene. The bloggers are doing this despite having no ability to match or recognize the faces nor the place and when the embarrassing video was taken. Oblivious to both the politician and the bloggers is the fact that the more they try to defend the politician the more they attract more attention and scrutiny to the video. Aren’t they doing much harm than good to the mheshimiwa?


A plastic manufacturing firm in Industrial area is out to exercise impunity. More than 300 casual workers at the company off Lunga Lunga road are complaining of being denied end of the year payments that have been paid consistently in previous years. According to the workers, the company pays transport and leave days compensation and service dues at the end of the year. But on Thursday they were given clearance forms to sign with only payment for leave days provided for. A human resources officer reportedly told them that the government is so corrupt that they have nowhere to run, even the state labour office can’t rescue them. An aggrieved worker told corridors that casuals were ordered to sign the form or have their December salary forfeited and wait for the next salary at the end of January.


A chairperson of a lucrative state parastatal in the Tourism sector has panicked after learning that President Uhuru Kenyatta may not renew his tenure when his term comes to an end in April next year. It is understood that state house operatives compiling lists of heavyweights expected to be appointed as heads of parastatals and government agencies have forewarned him that he has fallen out of favour with the appointing authority and therefore could lose out when the appointments are made. Frenetic efforts by the politician, who hails from Nyanza, to reach out to the president to pledge his loyalty have flopped several times after state house operatives blocked all his appointments.


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