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Did President Uhuru Kenyatta read the riot act to Sports CS Rashid Achesa (pictured)? Sources whispered to Corridors that during the visit to Raila Odinga’s Bondo home, Uhuru confronted Achesa and asked him what he was doing there. The President reportedly went ahead and began asking why the ministry, which houses the Department of Culture, has never set aside money to refurbish the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga mausoleum. It is reported that it is Raila, whom Achesa has always chided as a loser, who came to his rescue by asking Uhuru to calm down and let the young man be. It’s not clear what exactly incensed the President. Sometime this year, Rashid accused Raila of using the handshake to engineer his sacking.

The health sector still faces serious challenges. The problems are bigger in facilities controlled by the county governments. A top ministry official whispered to Corridors the case study is a hospital in a Central county whose governor is controversial. It is alleged that patients are given two receipts depending on the mode of payment. If the costs are catered for by the NHIF, they are inflated but when patients pay in cash, the bills are friendly. To make matters worse, the only medicines available in the hospital are painkillers. The shelves are stacked with empty boxes to cover up the ‘no-medicine mess.’ It’s alleged that most medicines from top county hospitals end up in private facilities.

A sickly governor from Western has left his wife to run the county government on his behalf. Our mole who works in the governor’s office told Corridors that the governor is rarely in the office and his wife is in charge of the county affairs. But there is a small problem: The wife is seen by staff to be micromanaging the activities of the office. In fact, some are wondering what is the role of the deputy governor and the county executives. Surprisingly, the governor and his deputy are seen as close friends. They are alleged to have been doing business together before they decided to run on a joint ticket.

Kenya may have won the Copa Cola tournament, but our moles tell Corridors that the foreign teams were unhappy with the officiating. They said it was unfair for Kenyan referees to take charge of all games played by 12 countries. A top coach of one of the teams said during the semi finals against Zambia, the referee gave Kenya a soft penalty while denying the Zambians a clear penalty shoot and making obvious bias calls.

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