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Crystal Ball: 2019 a rush of possibilities



The year 2019 is going to be really an eventful year. It will be eventful to the extent that it will be a carry-over of the political activities from 2018. As to whether it will be decisive on matters political, to the extent that it will affect the 2022 elections, especially the presidential contest — that would be a very early call to make at this time, and probably inaccurate.

However, as for the nature of political formations, alliances and different inclinations among political players and parties, it is likely going to be a year in overdrive, as opposed to 2018.

The year 2018 came right after the general election; there was not so much strategy and people were still reeling from losses, financial or political or even emotional from the 2017 elections.

At the tail end of 2017, we had some cases determined by the Supreme Court. However, we are likely to see an increase in discussions on matters referendum by various players.

We are also likely to see what kind of posture Deputy President William Ruto is going to take with his allies and whether there are going to be new alliances formed or embraced by the DP as he tries to become a formidable presidential contestant in 2022.

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Remember, the DP is the man to beat. Retaining his advantage and remaining at the top is going to take all his political shrewdness. That will be a barometer of the extent to which is he retaining and sustaining the momentum of his presidential contest. He has expressly indicated several times personally and through his allies that he is going to run for president.

It is also going to be the year where various actors and players will be keen to see whether Raila Odinga will be making moves as to whether he will be contesting the presidency yet again, or potentially contesting. Raila will not declare very early right now that he is contesting.

An announcement may come very late, maybe in 2021, that he will compete. Another question would be whether the former Prime Minister decides to become kingmaker and groom another leader to take the baton from him.

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