Daggers drawn as aspirants eye Embu assembly seats – Weekly Citizen

Daggers are drawn in Mbeere, Embu county as those eyeing assembly slots come 2022 strategise. They have formed groups to market themselves among voters thus raising political temperatures in the region. One camp that is causing political ripples is called The Mbeere Assembly. It comprises former Mbeere region MCAs who were defeated in 2017 and new aspirants for the seats in the 2022 general elections. The former MCAs are using the forum to undermine those who defeated them in 2017. The second faction has MCAs from the Mbeere region with support of a number of MPs from the region. The Mbeere Assembly presence is felt on a WhatsApp group. At one time, the faction filed a case in court to stop development projects which analysts saw as aimed at sabotaging activities of current MCAs from upper parts of Embu county. Tension was high at one time when The Mbeere Assembly members planned to tour and audit ward development projects in the lower Mbeere region. By then, it was being claimed the projects had stalled and that the upper Embu region was being favoured by the county government.

Josiah Thiriku

Embu governor is Martin Wambora. The move saw MCAs from Mbeere North and South sub-counties led by Embu county assembly speaker Josiah Thiriku rubbish the talk. Currently, a bitter war exists between MCAs from Embu and Mbeere communities. The regional politics is playing centre stage ahead of next general elections. Analysts say the Mbeere MCAs comprises of failed politicians who want to be relevant. To counter The Mbeere Assembly activities, current MCAs called a press conference where minority leader Masters Mwaniki on behalf of Mbeere MCAs, the MCAs called on security apparatus to investigate activities of the group. At one time, Muminji MCA Newton Kariuki and his Makima counterpart Philip Nzangi took issue with the group’s agenda of derailing county development plans using courts and ended up accusing current MCAs of not serving the electorate. Other MCAs uncomfortable with The Mbeere Assembly operations are Ngari Mbaka (Mavuria), Harrison Mwaluko (Mwea), Murithi Kiura (Mbeti South), Nathan Mwari (Nthawa), Duncan Mbui (Evurore), Bernard Kandia (nominated), Edith Nyaga (nominated), Elizabeth Kibai (nominated) and Edna Muisyo (nominated).

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