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Dennis Itumbi Becomes Butt of Jokes after Jacque Maribe, Jowie Share Intimate Moment



The old aphorism ‘nice guys finish last’ appears to be the theme of the latest episode in the purported telenovela starring damsel in distress Jacque Maribe, bad boy Joseph Irungu Jowie, and hopeless romantic Dennis Itumbi.

This after murder suspects Jacque Maribe and Jowie were on Tuesday pictured enjoying an inexplicable intimate moment at the Milimani Law Courts. The lovebirds were in court for a routine mention of the case where they are charged with the murder of Monica Kimani.

When they met, Jacque and Jowie embraced tightly and appeared to whisper sweet nothings to each other in a moment that took observers by surprise.

It could be argued that it was Jacque’s birthday on Tuesday, hence the unexpected show of affection from Jowie, who also hugged the mother of the Citizen TV journalist.

Inside the court, Dr Benjamin Obwire who is specialist in plastic and rehabilitative surgery at Kenyatta National Hospital testified that Jowie needs to undergo physiotherapy to stimulate the affected nerves in his left arm.

It also emerged in court that the prosecution is yet to supply both Maribe and her fiance Jowie with statements from protected witnesses.

The Prosecution also informed the court that the government chemist is not finished analyzing Maribe’s car and, therefore, she cannot have it back yet.

The case will be mentioned again on February 28.

Outside the corridors of justice, Maribe’s lovey-dovey moment with Jowie dominated discussion forums on social media.

Naturally, internet users dragged Dennis Itumbi into the idle chitchat as they claimed that the State House operative has reverted back to his default ‘Friendzone’ settings.

The move by Itumbi to dedicate another poem to Maribe on Tuesday only seemed to have made things worse as he became the butt of jokes on Twitter.

We have sampled some reactions.

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