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Disabled man’s agony in an eviction gone wrong : The Standard



John Lango Otieno, disabled, is assisted after his house located at Kanyakwar in Kisumu County was demolished. [Collins Oduor/Standard]

A disabled man is seeking justice after youths demolished his home.

John Lang’o, 55, suspects that the more 50 youths, escorted by the police to demolish his home, may have been targeting a different home.
The youths raided Mr Lang’o’s home on Wednesday morning and forcibly carried him out of his house before demolishing it.
“Just as I was trying to inquire what the matter was, some of the youths carried me out of the house as others threw out my belongings,” said Lang’o.

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Within 30 minutes, three buildings – the main house, kitchen and livestock house, had been flattened.
He now suspects that the eviction order was not meant for his property.
“I was confused, so one of my neighbours inquired which court order they were acting upon, and one of the people who appeared to be the youths’ leader handed him a copy of the order,” he said.
According to the copy of the court order, the land under contention is registered as LR17307 and 17308, with neither a physical location nor the sizes of the parcels in question.
The court case in question pits a Mr Stephen Juma Ndeda and Bendeka Holdings Limited against a Mr Paul Olang.

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“After the demolition, we went to the OCPD who was unable to explain to us the location of the land police were effecting the eviction order, and the people whose names appeared on the order which was purported to have been acted upon,” said Robert Ochieng, a neighbour.
The OCPD, Ancent Kaloki however denied that his men may have supervised the wrong eviction order.
“The document was prepared by the courts, so if there was any mix-up in the names, the police may not explain. All we know is that we were effecting an eviction order on anybody who was found on that land,” he said.
According to Lang’o’s neighbours, the vast Kanyakwar land was community land, and had never been subdivided nor issued with title deeds.
They claimed that although a number of land parcels in the area have had ownership disputes, Lang’o’s piece was not under contention.

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“The old man has lived here for the past seven years when he moved out of his parent’s home which is just adjacent to this plot,” said Ochieng.
Lang’o said during the eviction, he lost a solar panel, a sewing machine, a music system, a television set, his son’s laptop and some Sh35,000 saved for his children’s school fees.

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