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Do you need a foldable smartphone?



According to industry researchers, the popularity of foldable smartphones, as envisaged by the scramble for Samsung’s latest devices, will only rise, not fall, for the near future (heck, even Google is rumoured to be making one). While that is so, do you really need a foldable smartphone? Are you planning on getting one? What’s stopping you?

Myself, Dickson and Kanali answer these and other questions in our personal capacities as just phone users like you and also try to put things in perspective as people who have covered the space for quite some time.

We would also like to hear what your replies to those questions, and, overall, what your thoughts to the whole discourse on foldable devices, are. Share those in the comments section below or from wherever you are listening to or watching (yes, we are back to doing videos now) this podcast episode from.

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