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Facebook bans photos of tattoos displaying ‘graphic content’ : The Standard



Facebook has banned photos of mastectomy reconstruction nipple tattoos [Photo: Bloomberg]

Facebook has banned photos of mastectomy reconstruction nipple tattoos, claiming they ‘display sexual content.’

Gemma Winstanley flagged the issue, after Facebook suspended her account for featuring images of nipple tattoos – which Ms Winstanley provides to women who have undergone mastectomies for free.
Speaking to the BBC, Ms Winstanley said she was ‘disgusted’ that the photos had been banned.
She said: “It’s not even a real nipple.

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“I don’t show it in a sexual way. It’s only the picture of the actual areola and the nipple itself.”
Ms Winstanley added that Facebook was the main platform she uses to promote her free service.
She added: “Giving somebody the areola tattoo, it’s just the end of the treatment.
“It’s finishing; it’s giving them the normality back that’s been taken away.
“I often have tears. Ladies send me cards and flowers and things and say how it’s changed their lives.”

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Facebook says it’s investigating the issue.

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