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Fact Check: Jakadala sexually transmitted disease a myth : The Standard



Migori County Health Executive Dr Iscar Oluoch: Jakadala is a myth. [Standard]

No sexually-transmitted called Jakadala has broken out in Migori, Standard Digital can report.

Migori County Health Executive Dr Iscar Oluoch has clarified that there has been no such outbreak.
“Rumours about the new STI gained traction after a patient suffering from penile cancer was admitted in Migori County Referral Hospital. The patient has had the disease for the past five years,” she clarified. 
Some villagers claimed the infection was lethal and could kill in one week if not managed in time.

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Dr Oluoch says her officers are on the ground after word went round that at least five people were suffering from the disease.
The non-existent disease is rumoured to be prevalent around Nyarombo gold mines, Komito mines in Rongo sub-county, Suna and Nyatike.
According to our Kisumu Bureau Chief John Oywa Jakadala may mean “home boy”.  Talented people are also likely to be referred by the moniker.
About penile cancer

  • It is a disease in which cancer cells form in the tissues of the penis.
  • May begin as a blister on the foreskin, head or shaft of the penis. It may become a wart-like growth that discharges blood or foul-smelling liquid.
  • Surgery is the most common treatment for all stages of penile cancer. Other options include radiation and chemotherapy.

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