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Fanisi Capital Receives Sh108 Million from IFC



The International Finance Corporation has granted Fanisi Capital Sh108 million as part of a deal to offer technical advisory services to the private equity firm to invest in small and medium-sized firms in Kenya.

The issuance of the advisory support from IFC will run from November 2022 under the name SME V Fanisi.

SME V Fanisi will provide support to the fund (Fanisi) by supporting portfolio value creation and exits of the remaining deals under Fund 1.

“For Fund II, this advisory project will provide resources to support SME access to the fund opportunity, guide on the better deal generation and structuring for Fund II, and focus on investment strategy, team capacity, and pipeline development,” part of the statement by IFC noted.

Fanisi has about $100 million in assets under management, it has invested in SMEs such as Haltons, Live AD and Ngare Narok Meat Industries.

Fanisi says that the support from IFC will boost the firm to sell some of its portfolio companies.

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