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Government Extends 2019 Form One Reporting Deadline



The Ministry of Education has extended the reporting deadline for Form One students by a week following requests from school principals and parents.

A statement authored by Education PS Belio Kispang and shared on Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed’s Twitter account revealed that the date had been pushed to Friday, January 18. 

The move is meant to allow for the full transition of students from primary to secondary schools.

Education PS Belio Kipsang

“To ensure 100 per cent transition is attained, and the need to give every child an opportunity, the Ministry of Education has extended the reporting date,” Kipsang’s statement reads in part.

The admission exercise that began on Monday, January 7, was to end on Friday, January 11 before the extension. 

Uriri MP Mark Nyamita had earlier written to CS Amina, asking for an extension of the deadline, claiming that bursaries and farmers’ dues had been delayed.

It is a well-considered view that this time frame is too tight and strenuous to parents who have just come out of a financially demanding festive season,” he wrote.

PS Kipsang also directed all schools to upload all admitted students to the National Educational Management Information System (NEMIS).

His circular was copied to Regional Coordinators of Education, County Directors of Education and Sub-county Directors of Education.

It is expected that 1,052,364 students will join both private and public secondary schools when the exercise comes to a close.

Circular authored by Education PS Belio Kipsang

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