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Governor Sonko’s Daughter and Her Man Stun at the Launch of Nairobi’s Hottest Club



As the partying wave continues to sweep away the city, with more and more entertainment joints popping up from all over the block, there’s a new kid in town– and the kid is bad. Real bad.

And because 2018 is the year we were all enthralled and enchanted by the fantasy blockbuster Black Panther, you can now close the year in the real home of Wakanda.

Yes, that’s the latest and buzziest new club in town.

It’s spanking fresh, with the latest state-the-art sound system, blinding flashing lights, a glorious DJ booth, royal ambience, dazzling indoor decor and a mind-boggling set up.

And Wakanda is not your everyday club. It’s a Royal Experience… The home of the sons of the filthy rich and the daughters of Nairobi’s billionaires.

Owned by the daughter of a well-connected City oligarch, WAKANDA is proving to fast the the swankiest, sleekest and most luxurious night club in town.

And located at just the right place.

Well, we will spare you the lyricism and let you enjoy the billionaire experience for yourself.

Club WAKANDA will officially launch on Monday, December 31  and will quickly sweep up some of the most monies crowds for the billion-dollar New Year’s Eve party.

You may not have the budget to travel and party in Dubai. But WAKANDA will offer that foreign experience that will rival several foreign cities.

See some of the photos from the launch:

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