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Greed among leaders derailing development, Catholic priest says – KBC




Father Calistus Nyagilo during a live Holy Mass at the Holy Family Basilica.

The act of selfishness and greed among leaders is one of the leading factors in the lack of development in the country.

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Speaking on Sunday during a live Holy Mass at the Holy Family Basilica aired by KBC Channel 1, Father Calistus Nyagilo said greed has now led to under development despite Counties having resources at their disposal.

He said elected leaders have developed a tendency of looking after themselves first and using money meant for the people in satisfying their own needs.

“Elected leaders at the county level are dividing cash among themselves, where the Governor, Senator, and MCAs have to gain something leaving citizens with almost nothing,” he said


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Nyagilo said Kenya has enough to satisfy the needs of its citizens but this is never the case due to greed.

“We have enough resources for everyone’s need, but we do not have enough for everyone’s greed,” he said

In his sermon, on Jesus feeding more than 5,000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish, the priest said our leaders should strive to share the little resources we have equitably.

Nyagilo, however, regretted that COVID-19 had led to the change of life among Kenyans making it difficult readjust.

He urged Kenyans of goodwill to serve and help the needy who may end up being forgotten amidst the pandemic.

“Let us keep our hope and faith in God as we strive to serve and help others during this period.”

“COVID-19 has separated us from the things we like but it will not separate us from God,” he affirmed.


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