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Halt succession campaigns, focus on work



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It is three and a half years to the 2022 General Election but the cord that tied the political interests of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto seems to be loosening by the day.

President Kenyatta’s interests seem to be at cross-purposes with those of the rebel faction in his Jubilee Party. Even as he pulls out all the stops to ensure a legacy that midwifes critical and transformative national development, the URP camp, allied to Dr Ruto, only seems hell-bent on fighting to retain power — which they already have anyway.

The President’s ‘Big Four Agenda’ is the fulcrum on which his legacy will revolve.

The country is at that stage where matters of health, food security, industrialisation and affordable housing — the pillars of the Big Four plan — are critical for economic development. These are some of the key issues that we have never got right and the time to rethink about them is now.

Taxpayer funds and support from partners have been aligned to this agenda and the faster it is achieved the better for all.

The unprecedented truce between the President and ODM party leader Raila Odinga was, to a large extent, tailored to arrest unnecessary politicking and refocus the country’s resources, time and energy to the Big Four.

Additionally, another output of the newfound relationship by the two leaders was to boost cohesion and reignite a sense of nationhood, togetherness and inclusivity in government, as well as heal our country from the raw wounds of tribalism and marginalisation of some areas.

The success of this endeavour can only be achieved through a three-pronged unity of purpose of the President, the URP wing of Jubilee and the Odinga political behemoth.

So far, the President and his erstwhile arch-rival Odinga’s camps are working very well in a classic chemistry of political maturity and love for this country.

The ongoing political brickbats between factions is just what will slow down the achievement of this big dream. The desire to retain power at all costs has blinded some antagonists so much that they even dare to give a sterile threat of impeaching the President!

The raw greed for power must never be allowed to blur our resolve to bury political differences that characterise the elections for the sake of forging a united approach to challenges.

The anticipated benefits of the Uhuru-Raila ‘Handshake’ risk being undone by the endless politicking. To avoid that, premature campaigns for the Uhuru Succession must be frozen. It is too early for that.

Lest the campaigners forget, in 2002, the National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) was formed less than six months to the elections and it triumphed. The Jubilee Alliance, which swept Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto to power, was formed on January 12, 2013, less than 50 days to the polls.

This can only mean that any meaningful political formation that will win the 2022 elections will take shape in the election year. As such, all the current political grandstanding is a waste of precious time for Kenyans to concentrate on national development.

Mr Kenta is the MP (ODM) for Narok North Constituency. [email protected] Moitalel ole Kenta