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How KCB CEO Joshua Oigara Masterminded Firing Of Senior Staffer That He Considered A “Threat”



Corrupt Joshua Oigara. He fires without following the law.

On 20th June 2013, Fredrick Mulwa Mutiso was fired by Joshua Oigara and whisked from the banks’ premises by security despite being a senior manager within Kenya’s biggest and most successful bank.

In what was masked as redundancy, the editor of this site has confirmed that Joshua Oigara, the controversial KCB Group CEO had ill motives in all this.

As we continue to sift through the KCB group scandals, hoping to bring you a truly lucid and vivid picture of the official goings-on behind the curtain at the bank. Currently, KCB Bank Ltd has more court cases at the Industrial Court than the cases for the other 43 banks combined! We will be covering the cases on this site.

However, every so often, and confounded by the brazenness of the outright thievery we cannot help but ponder as to the “original sin” that started this company down the road to perdition, where its employees are suffering and crying for help due to oppression.

To speak like a Kenyan, Joshua Oigara realized that he could not ‘eat’ comfortably with all these powerful vested interests in place, thus he needed to shake the tree and do away with some people that he considered as a threat. So, like a female Praying Mantis normally bites off the head of the male after mating, Joshua Oigara ordered for a restructuring exercise with which he used to quietly remove some of the more powerful individuals within the bank.

The then KCB Chairman of Board of Directors Ndetto (his father-in-law ) brought him to take over as KCB CEO but was first made the Finance Director as he was waiting to take over from the experienced Martin Otieno Oduor. Oigara took over in November 2016 and with the advice from his mentor Ndetto, had to shake the tree and do away with some people he considered as a threat. It is Ndetto who came up with the tactic masked as redundancy in order to deal with the threats because Joshua Oigara is not that sharp as he may portray in his corporate hogwash that he bribes business daily Africa to Publish.

Caption: Judge Linet Ndolo described this termination as unlawful terminations clothed in redundancy language. Shame on Oigara

Fredrick Mulwa Mutiso, the Claimant, in this case, worked for Kenya Commercial Bank Limited for a considerable period of time holding several positions, the last one being Director, Internal Unit. Following the termination of his employment on 20th June 2013, he sued seeking relief for unlawful and unfair termination.

In court papers that we have with us, Fredrick Mutiso was awarded Ksh. 16,000,000 for what the Judge described as Unlawful termination masked as redundancy.

” In this case not only did the Respondent (KCB) fail to issue the redundancy notices as required, the claimant was required to exit on the same day on which he was issued with a termination letter with his departure being witnessed by the Security Manager. The Court was unable to understand why an employee holding such a senior position would be required to leave in such haste and in such a manner.” – Judge

”With much respect, I think this is a complete misapprehension of the law and practice. In my understanding, the notice to the Labour Officer serves a dual purpose. First, as held in Bernard Misawo Obora v Coca-Cola Juices Kenya Limited [2015] eKLR the notice to the Labour Officer is meant to elicit advice to the employer on the modalities to be employed in the redundancy process. Second and more importantly, the notice acts as a control measure to curb against unlawful terminations clothed in
redundancy language”

Fredrick Mulwa Makau’s only crime was that he had applied for the CEO’s position and was a victim of Oigara’s scorched earth policy. But as fate would have it, Makau left and Oigara could now loot with impunity.

Is Oigara still shaking the KCB Tree?

Attached here-under is the court ruling.

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