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How principal steered poor Turkana girl to top county in KCSE exam



Despite failing to get pocket money from her parents Mercy Lochii, 18, worked hard to be top student in Turkana county.

She scored an A- (minus) in this year’s KCSE examination, a grade she says came as a result of discipline and hard work.

Lochii who hails from Lokook village in Turkana South. She sat the test at Turkana Girls National School.

“I was not shocked that I scored highly top top in Turkana county,” the youngster says.

She says her dream of studying medicine at the University of Nairobi will come true having attained 76 points in the exam.

Lochii got an A in Mathematics, B+ (Kiswahili), A (Business studies), A (Christian Religious Studies), B+ (Physics), B (English), B (Biology), and A- (Chemistry).

“I committed myself and worked hard in class since I believe education is the only way out of poverty in our family and entire Turkana county.”

Lochii adds that she had to extend her morning and night preps to revise.

“I wasn’t deterred despite the fact that my parents didn’t manage to provide my basic needs such as pocket money and paying school fees on time,” she said.

The learner thanked her teachers, parents, friends for the assistance they extended to her during the 4-year secondary school course.

“I am happy that despite many storms and struggles, I managed to get what I have been praying for.”

She further thanked Turkana Girls’ administrators for being supportive of her studies as the school leaders retained her whenever students were sent home for school fees.

Lochii singled out the principal Florence Nabwire saying that latter believed in her and could not let her out of the school compound when students were sent for fees.

The teacher, for her part, separately said she knew Lochii would score good grades in KCSE examination.

“I have been very close to her because I understand and know very well her potential and definitely she has made it and made us proud,” Nabwire said.

She said Turkana Girls has improved in this year’s performance as 54 students out of 119 surpassed the university entry mark.

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