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How Shalom hospitals loot NHIF millions – Weekly Citizen



The death of Ethan Muendo at Shalom Hospital in Machakos due to a lethal injection administered by a quack has opened the lid on the rot at the troubled hospital.

Governor Mutua

The death prompted Machakos governor Alfred Mutua to cancel the operating licence of the facility and order its closure with immediate effect.
The hospital owned by George Onyango has expanded courtesy of his ability to strike deals with top NHIF officials with the hospital receiving millions of shillings every month for medical cover. However according to an insider Onyango who was once a doctor at Machakos Level Five Hospital overbills NHIF by declaring fake patients and finally pockets millions of cash through underhand deals in cahoots with corrupt NHIF officials some who are now in court after the DCI invaded the the parastatal.
It is claimed Onyango uses the millions to expand his hospitals as opposed to hiring medical personnel with quacks finding their way into the hospitals. Since the collaboration with NHIF started, Onyango expanded his outfit by building the modern hospital at the Namanga road junction to target the massive market at Kitengela and its environs including Mlolongo. The land were Shalom Kitengela sits is disputed with claims that it is built on a road reserve and that Onyango grabbed the public property. To prove that he is milking the public through NHIF, he is currently building a new hospital in Kisumu were he comes from. During the grand coalition government Onyango used to enjoy the protection of the then Health CS Anyang Nyong’o who helped him grow his businesses.
At his hospitals which largely handle civil servants and teachers who have health cover, employees do not possess requisite papers and are paid peanuts compromising the health of patients.
At the Machakos Shalom hospital, Onyango runs the facility through his son and daughter-in-law who also claim to be doctors but their experience is wanting since they are too young to handle the facility.
The hospital leads in the number of deaths recorded in the entire county with hearses seen every hour in and out of the hospital carryng dead bodies.

CEO Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board Daniel Yumbya

Locals some who are victims have lauded Mutua and the CEO Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board Daniel Yumbya for closing the facility.
Yumbya who also comes from Machakos county promised to deal firmly with any medical facility that is playing around with the welfare of patients in the name of making profits.
Locals are now demanding immediate prosecution of Onyango and his top managers for medical negligence fearing that he may use his millions to scuttle investigations as he has done before. Aggrieved underpaid staff also demands EACC to investigate his dealings with NHIF saying that the top management fakes claims on instructions from the owner himself and eventually pockets illegal compensation.

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