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HP commits to improve education in Africa



By 2030, Africa will be home to 32% of the World’s under 30 population by year 2030 and will also have the largest working age population by 2035.

Yet, today’s youth unemployment in Africa is up to three times higher than adult unemployment. This is why Hewlett Packard has introduced the HP LIFE centre.

HP LIFE offers free online learning for users to gain the skills to start and grow their own business or improve their employment opportunities. Building on the success of this global program, HP is working with partners to open technology-enabled HP LIFE innovation centres to further support entrepreneurship and workforce development across the continent.

“We believe that education is a human right, that technology in the classroom is a critical component for a 21st century education, and that in today’s economy our learning is never done,” said Nate Hurst, Chief sustainability and social impact officer, HP, adding that  “Africa is experiencing rapid urbanization and digitization—and it’s essential that people have access to learn skills for the work of tomorrow,” said Hurst.