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‘I could not pay the Sh1,500 rent,’ cries homeless Willy Paul’s brother



Willy Paul’s brother is still languishing in poverty in Mathare.

According to Head Up, a column written by Cheptoek Boyo, the gospel star’s brother Cornel Opondo is homeless and he needs your help.

According to sources, the second born son is down on his luck. Cornel was spotted sleeping on a truck parked along Desal Road.

“I could not pay the Sh1,500 rent for my house in Mathare North, so the landlord kicked me out,” Eric told our source.

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Apparently, he has tried reaching out to the Sikireti star but all he gets are excuses on why they cannot talk.

Cornel is quoted as saying:

“I have called Willy on several occasions, but he has been busy. Whenever I call him, he claims he is in a meeting and will get back, but never does. I called my mother asking for money to go to the hospital, but she asked me to borrow the cash from Willy Paul since she is broke,” he revealed.

In the past, Willy Paul has been accused of also neglecting his mother.

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In an interview, Willy insisted that he has always taken care of his mother Salome Radido.

“I am absolutely shocked at the level that these publications have stooped to. I have and will always take care of my mother!” Willy Paul said.

Adding: “My big brother and I wanted to move her from that house but she refused. She instead requested that we buy land and build her a house. A venture we have been working on.”

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