Impunity as 2 American couple grabs 7 acre piece of land from Kenyans in Nyandarua, this is modern day colonization (PHOTOs)


December 9, 2018
– A Kenyan has made a passionate
appeal to President Uhuru Kenyatta to help him recover a childrens’ home in
Nyandarua which sits in a 7 acre parcel of land after it was grabbed by 2 US

They grabbed the land in 2011 and no one
knows what has been happening in the 7 acre piece of land that is surrounded by
high perimeter walls.

Shaw a foreigner stays there and only God knows who he is working for and how
he got his work permit.  Nobody knows
what happens behind the gates of the premises for years now.”
Eluid Gakinya, who is crying for the Head of State to intervene

Here’s Eliud’s full post that should reach
those in high offices.

Here is the children’s home that sits in
the 7 acre piece of land that was grabbed by the two wazungus, the photos were
taken in 2011 before it was grabbed.



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