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Intrigues behind chaotic Bomet speaker election – Weekly Citizen





Bomet county assembly speaker’s election was done with a section of MCAs protesting that external forces had played a role in the outcome. Embomos ward MCA Robert Serbai protested the results and attempted to remove the mace from the chamber but the assembly sergeant wrestled him down and returned it to its position. Serbai protested the results, saying the poll was not free and fair since members of county assembly were compromised, thus denying Konoin sub-county the position of the speaker. Acting Bomet county assembly speaker Wesley Kiprotich who acted for a period of nine months declared Mutai as the winner. Kiprotich did not contest. He is a resident of Konoin. Mutai won the elections after garnering 26 votes with his opponents tailing with three and two votes respectively. Serbai claimed that Konoin as a sub-county is not represented in top county seats such as county secretary, deputy governor and the latest county executive committee for finance which is no more. Serbai wanted to fight one of the assembly staff whom he claimed he ejected him out of chambers. Mutai who hails from Bomet Central won by a big margin as his opponent Weldon Chirchir, got three votes.


Prof Wilfred Lesan

Others were Edwin Sitienei two votes while former Bomet Senator Prof Wilfred Lesan failed to get a vote. According to the MCAs, Lesan did not campaign for the seat and as such nobody supported his bid. The newly-elected speaker was a staunch supporter of the late Bomet governor Joyce Laboso, something proved by the presence of loyal political brokers who used to control the system by then. Among those present to witness the elections in the assembly were security personnel and political brokers who control the stage. Bomet governor Hillary Barchok did not witness the elections but his deputy Shadrack Rotich did. Rotich served as the county assembly for Bomet county before he was picked as the deputy by Barchok. With Mutai in power, it is not clear if he has political ambitions but those familiar with him say he is silent and can mobilize support the way he did until he recaptured the seat. As Serbai claimed that external forces played a role, those from Konoin also failed to agree on whom to back because they were four in number while Mutai was the only one from his area. Time will tell if the election of the speaker will haunt Barchok since he appears to have failed to intervene.EACC is probing the saga.


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