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Jackson Kibor, the 85 year old polygamist who is the talk of town : The Standard



Jackson Kibor 86, is the talk of the town. On 18th December 2018, an Eldoret court allowed him to divorce his third Naomi Jeptoo, his wife of 43 years.  

Kibor, a commercial farmer is now free to part ways with his third wife, Jeptoo after Eldoret Principal Magistrate Naomi Wairimu found their marriage to have irretrievably broken down. The magistrate also found that the two parties were unwilling to resolve their differences amicably.

Kibor divorced his second wife Josephine Jepkoech whom they had been married for 52 years, in October 2017. His first wife died.

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Newlyweds may look at Kibor with disdain. Women rights campaigners cringe at the thought of throwing away 43 years together but Kibor has made up his mind.
What’s more, he believes he will now add some weight.
“I’m happy the court has removed this woman from my life. I will now add weight. Life will be good. She even used to pinch me,” The Standard reports him as having said after Tuesday’s court ruling.
Kibor represents a section of men who can only wish they had his guts … or the money to pay the lawyers.
When did it start?

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In March, Kibor filed a divorce case against 62-year-old Naomi, on grounds of hostility and cruelty.
Kibor added that Naomi had denied him conjugal rights.
But could Kibor also be eating from someone else’s plate? In October, the prominent farmer was accused of eloping with someone’s wife of 17 years.
Isaac Kosgey, 38, told the police his wife Mercy Sultan fled with two children.
Kibor admitted knowing Sultan, but denied eloping with her.

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Kosgey said Kibor often gave Sultan rides in his car.
Kibor added: “Yes I know her and I once gave her a lift just like any other friends I know.”
He went on, “I don’t know him in the first place. He should stop making such claims. Let him search for his wife and children.”
Mercy later denied having an affair with Kibor.
Is there more to it?

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When he is not divorcing his wives, he is suing his sons, evading parking fees or welding spikes on his vehicles.
In March, he sued two of his sons for causing him distress and tainting his image. Kibor averred in court his sons trespassed by growing crops on his 2,000-acre Kebenes farm in Uasin Gishu.
The case came shortly after he filed for divorce against his third wife.
And he had the perfect way to keep the invaders out.
He mounted four-foot-long steel spikes on his Land-Cruiser.
Why? He said he was fighting those who want to reap where they did not sow.
Kibor was arrested last year after he shot at one of his sons over the land row.
He was disarmed and charged in court.
Among the sons sued was Ezekiel, a child he had with his third wife Naomi.
In his evidence in court, the farmer said the invaders, in reference to his sons, arrived on his farm on December 27 last year armed with pangas and rungus.
Enter daughter-in-law
Other than his ex-wives and sons he referred to as invaders, Kibor has been locked in a fight with his daughter-in-law.
In January, he deflated the wheels of his daughter-in-law’s tractor.
“They want to rob me of the land but I will not accept that,” the farmer said.
The daughter-in-law, Jane Kibor, reported the matter to Ziwa police.
Kibor now says he will stick with his fourth wife, Eunita, 36.
“I will not marry another wife because I am happy with my fourth wife Eunita.”
Only time will tell.

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