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Jealous Webuye husband attacks wife with machete




Police in Webuye are investigating an incident in which a husband attacked his wife with a panga before he fled away.

The man whose name is yet to be established attacked his wife, a mother of four, in Namarambi village, Webuye East constituency on June 4.
The wife is now fighting for her life in a hospital bed after the husband brutally attacked her.

It is alleged that the difference between the couple arose after the woman identified as Mary Natembeya attended a funeral of a close neighbour.

“My in-law had gone to a funeral when her husband followed her and asked her to accompany him back home. She refused and said that she would spend a night vigil at the funeral and return home in the morning. The husband is said to have then left for home fuming,” Natembeya’s sister narrated.

Friends Lugulu Hospital

“In the morning, she returned home accompanied by her friends and on arriving, she prepared her children who then left for school but a few minutes later, my brother arrived wielding a machete and started slashing her blaming her of promiscuity,” she went on.


Family members rushed her to Bakhita Dispensary in Misikhu but she was referred to Lugulu Mission Hospital for specialised treatment.

“We have received a female patient who had multiple cut wounds that were actively bleeding. We cleaned the wounds, arrested the bleeding and stitched them together. The patient is now in a stable condition. She had deep cuts in the skull, both hands and the right shoulder, specifically posterior side,” said Lugulu Mission Hospital Medical superintend Ezekiel Kofu who received the patient.

Another family member who sought anonymity said: “Human beings of late have turned into monsters. If you have any disagreement, please engage in dialogue or seek necessary guidance and counselling services.

The suspect is still at large and the family now fears that he might do more harm on them. They are now appealing to police to move with speed and apprehend the suspect.