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JUST BRENDA: How do I move on after being dumped so cruelly?



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A man I’ve dated for two years broke up with me yesterday night. He did this by first uploading a photo of himself with another woman on WhatsApp. When I called him to ask what was going on, he told me that he had moved on and that I should do the same. I feel so hurt, confused and distraught. I don’t know where to start or go from here. I don’t usually pour my heart out on social media but I just need to get this out of my chest.

Hope you feel better after getting this off of your chest. I’m sorry he hurt you so cruelly. But try and look at this as a blessing, as cliché as this might sound. If he could do this to you so casually, there’s probably a lot more shock that you were in for and you just didn’t know it.

You’ve saved yourself from the actual coward of the county, who doesn’t seem to have the guts to not yank your chain around, or stand up for his woman – whether you, or someone else – or treat human beings with the respect they deserve.

You, my dear, have dodged a bastard-sized bullet. Where to go from here? After you hit the bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. I wish you all the luck.