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JUST BRENDA: Is 18 too young for a wife?



Thank you for wonderful job you are doing in this platform. Can an 18-year-old make a wife? I’m worried that she may be too young.  

Thanks for continuing to read the column. The age of the person you’re marrying is important but not directly related to their maturity.

Generally I would say 18 is young for a wife, but what is she like? Does she want to be a wife? Has she accomplished some of her dreams, like schooling, or business, or travel?

If this is going to be your life partner anyway, you don’t have to get married right away. Give it a couple of years, because you have the rest of your life to go.

Give yourselves more time to really know who you are before you cast your lot in with someone else who you’ll have to get to know as well.