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The chief administrative secretary in the ministry of Energy Simon Kachapin has told his supporters in West Pokot county that he is going to contest for the gubernatorial seat in 2022 general election and told Governor John Lonyangapou to prepare for a titanic political contest.

Fome West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin

Kachapin who is the former Pokot governor told his critics that he had not bowed out of the race and told them to wait for him at the ballot come 2022 general elections.
“I want to state clearly to the doubting Thomases, that I’m going to contest for the West Pokot gubernatorial seat that I lost narrowly in the last elections,” Kachapin said and asked his Pokot kinsmen to give him another chance to complete development projects that he initiated when he was the county boss.

Governor Lonyangapuo


Speaking to the press in Kapenguria town, Kachapin said that those spreading rumours that he was not standing were scared of him given his development record in the entire West Pokot county.
He said that politics of comedy will not assist the poor Pokots who want water and drugs in their respective dispensaries and hospitals.
As Kachapin reaffirmed his commitment to run for the seats, political heavy weights from the Pokot community who included Senator Samuel Poghisio, Kapenguria MP Samwel Moroto, his Kacheliba counterpart Mark Lomolokol, speaker of the West Pokot county assembly Catherine Mukenyang, Rev John Lodinyo and Moses Koliamuk separately said that they will back Kachapin for the seat come 2022 general elections. Also supporting him is the immediate Sigor MP Philip Rotino.
The leaders said Kachapin made a strong foundation in West Pokot county that is currently being destroyed by his political enemy Governor Lonyangapou.

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