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Kakuzi names Violet Mavisi as the firm’s Independent grievance mechanisms head



NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 22 -Listed agri-business firm Kakuzi Plc has announced the appointment of renowned Jurist Justice  Violet Mavisi as the Independent Lead of the Company’s Operational Level Grievance Mechanism (OGM).

The naming of Ms Mavisi, a former presiding Judge of the Interim Independent Constitutional Dispute Resolution Court (ICDRC) as an Independent Head of the Kakuzi OGM, will provide impetus to the firm’s ongoing efforts to maintain world-class human rights management standards.

Kakuzi Plc kicked off its SIKIKA OGM  development process in October 2020 to provide a systematic and transparent process for receiving, investigating, and addressing company-related grievances from internal and external stakeholders.

Speaking, when he confirmed the appointment, Kakuzi Plc Managing Director Mr Chris Flowers said the firm had used its OGM experts to identify and validate the appointment.

In the new role, Ms Mavisi, -also a former Vice Chairperson of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR)- Mr Flowers said, will spearhead the functional rollout of the Kakuzi OGM. The SIKIKA OGM, developed and activated last year, acts as an autonomous complaint (s) receiving, investigating and addressing process.

“At Kakuzi, we are pleased to welcome aboard Ms Mavisi as the new Independent SIKIKA OGM Head. In this role, she will lead a dedicated team ensuring the effective rollout of the OGM process.” Flowers said.

He added: “For Kakuzi Plc, ‘doing the right thing’ means investigating every complaint related to its business, focusing on facts and providing an appropriate and accountable remedy for those cases where evidence indicates that harm was done. Doing the right thing also means sitting down with community members in a calm and orderly manner, listening to people’s concerns and together creating solutions.  By integrating this into our Community Social Investment Programs we have already been able to find some long-lasting solutions to a number of issues which some of our community members were facing, In particular, the community feedback from our Jiko Kisasa initiative has been very encouraging.”

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