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KeNHA backs performance-based contracting proposal by World Bank



Kenya National Highways Authority has backed a World Bank proposal for performance-based contracting saying it will ensure quality and sustainability of roads.

Njuguna Gatitu, KeNHA director of Road Assets and Corridor Management, said the model differs substantially with traditional contracts for civil works as the focus now shifts to outputs that reflect on the target conditions of the road under construction.

In a press statement, Gatitu noted that the performance-based contracting system ensures that there is a contractor on the road always to ensure that the drainage systems, the bushes are always cleared and the road is clean.

Previously, contractors were paid based on quantities of works measured by unit prices.

Gatitu also said that there is a concerted effort by KeNHA in collaboration with Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology to ensure roads authorities and contractors gain technical skills on performance-based road maintenance concept and observe the correct procedures.

“All the changes you see on the roads, all the cleared edges and the clean carriageway are as a result of concerted efforts between the Road Authorities, the contractors and diligent workers who have grasped the concept,” Gatitu said.

Four contracts were piloted taking lessons from the World Bank and the Japan experience to examine if maintenance system employed in service level setting, service level achievements and service level monitoring can occur within the Kenyan maintenance system.

“The piloted four contracts were procured for maintenance of Lanet-Njoro turn off (A104) Road, Kisii-Kilgoris (C17), Junction B8-Tana River bridge(Garissa)-Modika(A3) road and Isiolo Merille (A2) road,” he said.

According to Gatitu, the contracts covered an array of activities to achieve certain service level for road users, including management and maintenance, carrying out rehabilitation works and improvement works.

These are on works aimed at adding new characteristics to the roads in response to traffic and emergency works to reinstate the road after damages.

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