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Kenya extends avocado ban



The harvesting of Hass and Fuerte avocado varieties for export remains suspended indefinitely. 

This is after the Agriculture and Food Authority conducted a survey on the current crop on different farms across the country and concluded that the crop is still immature and not fit for export. 

The authority had placed an export ban on the two varieties in November last year and it was to be reviewed in this month.

After a stakeholder review meeting, the Agriculture and Food Authority has decided to extend the Avocado export ban indefinitely until the current crop in farms meet export standards. 

Kenya had placed an avocado ban to protect its image in the overseas market.

According to players in the sector, Kenya had created a niche for itself in the international market and immature avocado export that was finding its way into the international market reduced the price and ultimately the value of Kenyan avocados. 

The export ban is also expected to reduce interference with the cropping cycle of the crop and will help estimating projected volumes during harvests.

However, the export of Jumbo variety will continue by air but limited to a maximum size 184 grams per fruit. 

In a raft of measures expected to be enforced once export resumes, exporters with unregistered marketing agents risk losing their export licences. 

Traders and farmers will also be required to adhere to the Crops Regulations of 2020 that ban the transportation of avocado crop on open pickups, probox and canters.

Avocado will only be transported on washable crates to retain the crops quality and enhance food safety standards.

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