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Kenya Ferry staffer wins Sh22 million SportPesa mid-week jackpot



Christmas came early for 39-year-old Kenya Ferry Services employee Ezekiel Oimba.

He won the SportPesa mid week jackpot of Sh22,244,187.

The father of four said: “I kept quiet for a few minutes when I got the text message on Saturday evening.”

His wife Lilian Awino, a teacher at JCC Likoni primary school, said she was always supportive of her husband.

“He used to ask me to send him some Sh100, Sh150 or Sh500 to his Mpesa. I used to know he was betting with the money but did not question him,” Awino said.

Oimba said his new millionaire status will enable him start his dream project in the real estate business.

He said patience is key in betting.

“I never gave up. I have been trying for this for three years now,” said Oimba.

The highest amount he won before this jackpot was Sh24,000.

Oimba said he will now take his family to whatever destination they will ask him for Christmas.

His wife, Awino, said she is saved and that “it is God who made it possible”.

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