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Kenyans evenly split on law change call, new Infotrak poll shows



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Kenyans are evenly split on the push for constitutional reforms through a referendum, a new Infotrak survey shows..

The constitutional change call is supported by 44 per cent of Kenyans but opposed by 45 per cent while another 12 per cent are still undecided according to the poll released on Sunday.

Those who support the constitutional changes are highest in Central (55 per cent) which is President Uhuru Kenyatta political backyard, opposition leader Raila Odinga’s home turf of Nyanza (52 per cent) and Nairobi (46 per cent). However, the referendum faces opposition in Deputy President William Ruto’s support base in Rift Valley (53 per cent), Eastern (51 per cent) and Western region at 47 per cent.

The main reason out lined by those supporting the call for law change is the need to reduce the number of elective positions to tame public expenditure, especially the huge budget allocation for elected officials.

Other reasons for supporting proposed law change were to seal constitutional loopholes, achieve equality and inclusivity in government.

Those opposed to the referendum call queried its timing, cost and perceived self-interest in those pushing for the law change. The rating for the three reasons stood at 32, 30 and 19 per cent

The referendum call in the recent past has been a subject of debate pitting politicians supporting the Ruto’s 2022 president against opposition leader Raila Odinga followers.

Those supporting Mr Ruto have always opposed the clamour for referendum, saying it is meant to create positions for a few leaders and is being used as a plan to derail their 2022 march to State House.

 The Infotrak survey was done in collaboration with the Integrated Development Network. It was conducted between November 29 and December 1, 2018, with 1,500 people interviewed in 24 counties. The survey had a 2.5 per cent margin of error, with a 95 per cent confidence rate.