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Kenya’s Private Security Guards to Own Guns after Undergoing Training, Vetting



Security guards attend a meeting presided over by Private Security Regulatory Authority Director-General Fazul Mahamed in Nairobi

The Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) has announced plans to take private security guards through firearms training in a bid to complement police officers in providing security.

PSRA Director-General Fazul Mahamed said on Tuesday that an internationally approved curriculum was being developed for the training that the agency will roll out next year.

He said the exercise will be carried out in collaboration with technical and vocational education training institutions and the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).

“We have formally made the request and brought in experts who will go through the curriculum. By the end of next year, you will all have gone through the training,” Mr Mahamed told the guards during a meeting in Nairobi.

After the training, the guards will then be vetted and taken through security assessment before being issued with licences and internationally accredited certification to offer security services, processes which will enable them to own the firearms.

Mr Mahamed explained that the training will be for specific assignments, such as offering protection for VIPs and security for cash in transit.

“We are acquiring international accreditation for such trainings so that by the time the authority issues you with licences, you will be able to seek jobs even in Dubai, London and Qatar,” the director-general added.

There will also be a yearly and mandatory refresher course.

The director-general noted that the guards will not be allowed to take the weapons home. They will be required to leave the weapons with their employers, who will have proper armories.

“The companies will be licensed and must also have properly trained security personnel,” he said.

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