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KQ pushes for deal to manage airport : The Standard



Kenya Airways will have to prove that it will make enough cash for Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) to be granted a licence to run the country’s major airport.
The authority yesterday said it has received the national carrier’s application and had hired a consultant to asses KQ’s proposals for feasibility and value of running Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi.
“KAA must satisfy itself that the proposal is feasible and provides value for money to both (the authority) and the public before implementation,” said KAA Chief Executive Jonny Andersen in a statement.

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The national carrier has received blessings from the Government to pursue the deal after the Cabinet approved a potential partnership between the airline and KAA for the operation of JKIA.
The airline has for years pushed for more preferential treatment at its Nairobi hub and this could soon be a reality following a proposal to work jointly with KAA in different aviation aspects.
This would place KQ on a near equal footing with major competitors flying in and out of Nairobi such as Ethiopian Airways and several Middle East carriers that get preferential treatment at their hubs and even have an influence in operations of home airports.

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