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Kuppet backs teachers’ strike, national governing council meets on Wednesday



The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers supports the strike called by Knut on January 3. 

“We are not opposing any strike since the Constitution allows industrial action. To tell you the truth, we are not in a position to oppose any union, including Knut, when it calls a strike,” national chairman Omboko Milemba said.

“We are independent. There is a reason why the union called a strike,” he told the press in Kisumu on Monday.

Kuppet national governing council is set to meet on Wednesday this week to deliberate on issues affecting their members.

He said their members are facing a myriad of problems that they need to take a stand on.

Milemba said Kuppet is also aggrieved by the mass transfers of teachers, besides the taxation to fund the housing scheme in the Big Four Agenda.

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However, he told members to stay calm and wait for official communication from their secretary general after the council meeting.

“During the meeting, a comprehensive statement will be issued by our secretary general after the meeting as far as our actions and way forward concerning these events,” he added.

Earlier, Laikipia branch executive secretary Ndun’gu Wangenye said their members will not participate in a strike. He told them to report to their respective workstations.

He accused Knut of taking teachers for a ride. 

Wangeye said instead it should be talking of other issues such as how they are going to deliver the new CBA, the scandal behind the teachers medical cover and stagnation of teachers in the same job group.

He said there is room for dialogue with the TSC and assured parents that learning will not be affected as schools re-opens.

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