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Kwale court clerk accused of graft – Weekly Citizen



A German investor has lodged complaints over alleged massive corruption at the Kwale Law Courts.
In a protest letter to the Kwale chief magistrate, Thomas Schiering has alleged that a clerk at the courts demanded a bribe from him.
He said that he has a matter pending at the court and the clerk has tried to take advantage of him by demanding a bribe to change the date of the hearing of the case.
“On April 24 2019 the court clerk communicated through a text message demanding money from me,” he pointed out.

Chief Justice David Maraga

Schiering said he lodged the complaint but to his surprise, no action has been taken against the court clerk.
He said that the clerk’s move has caused panic to him and his family that he might lose the case.
The investor alleges that the clerk might interfere with the case and might deny him justice which is his fundamental right.
Schiering has described his complaint as a distress call and urged the Chief Justice David Maraga to intervene and save him from embarrassment.
“It looks like the accused are working with a notorious gang to frustrate us and force us to withdraw a criminal case against them,” he pointed out.

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