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Leaders want family of soldier paid



Meru leaders have urged the government to compensate the family of the Kenya Defence Forces soldier who drowned in a Thika quarry while trying to rescue his two sons.

His sons Joseph Githinji, 11, and Vincent Muchui, seven, also drowned in the quarry filled with water at the Thika 12th Engineers Battalion.

Sergeant James Meme and his two sons died on December 18.

They were buried on Friday in Igembe South in an emotional send off.

Police reports indicated Githinji and his younger brother were playing around the quarry when one of them lost footing and fell in. The other boy unsuccessfully tried to rescue his sibling. The older boy had reached his brother but his brother was too heavy and he was unable to swim to safety with him.

In a desperate attempt to rescue his sons, Meme also dived into the quarry but he also drowned.

Igembe Central MP Kubai Kiringo and EALA MP Mpuru Aburi urged the government to ensure the family gets compensation. “If it were not for the negligence of Nema, we could have not lost three lives. They could have fenced the quarry. This family should be compensated,” the legislator said.

Dedicated, God-fearing

Mpuru said politicians should stop giving false promises to such families and once the burial is over they fail to honour the pledges. Area MP John Paul Mwirigi and several MCAs also attended the funeral.

KDF 12 Engineers battalion commander Lieutenant Maasai eulogised Meme as a dedicated, God-fearing and a sharp soldier.

“He earned the respect of his seniors, peers, juniors and friends,” Maasai said.

Meme was born in May 1978 in Antwamwari village in Kiegoi/Antubochiu ward, Igembe South.

He rose through the ranks from a junior officer to a sergeant.

Meme was the cousin of Meru assembly communications director Mercy Nthuuku.

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