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Let DPP do his job, KOT bash Murkomen after criticising Qureshi’s appointment



Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has once again found himself under the wrath of social media users after he criticised DPP Noordin Haji’s appointment of Queens Counsel Khawar Qureshi.

Haji appointed Qureshi to prosecute Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu in abuse of office case on December 4.

But Murkomen on Sunday said the move by DPP showed mistrust on the Kenyan lawyers.

“If the DPP mistrusts all Kenyan Lawyers, he should just have led by example and prosecute the case himself,” Murkomen said on Twitter.

“The idea of getting a foreign advocate to prosecute domestic cases just before our Independence Day is totally misguided.”

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But his post was not received well by the DPP Principal Prosecution Counsel Dancun Ondimu and other Kenyans.

@matundura78  said “There is a reason why section 85 CPC, 11 Advocates Act, ODPP Act exists. The legislature in its wisdom enacted the three pieces of legislation.”

He added, “As a legislator and an advocate of good standing, I’d expect you to have at some point read the various legislation.”

“‏This guy will never say anything that can help anybody ! if you yourself were qualified enough you could be prosecuting in England,” @GarybigzMkenya said.

@GobuIbido said “When ICC lawyer Khan came and treated like a king in Eldoret were you misguided?”.

He added, “The choice for the foreign prosecutor was thought out and a decision made on merit because of perceived partisan politics that Orengo and Okongo have portrayed it to.”

@BigOtieno8 said “I feel this is not enough…we should even get foreign politicians to replace leaders like you who make Kenya stink to the core due to corruption. We need more foreigners to come to protect us from you and others.”

“The DPP said he advertised but there were no takers? Did you apply?” @OnesmusKihara said.

@GordonKibore said “Do not politicize this issue.we as Kenyans who bear the pain when our tax is being stolen by some individuals do support DPP Hajji to do whatever it takes for him to bring this Kenya to a sober mood.”

“Seems now you have been sent to bring a motion of no confidence with DPP,” @ProcessDigtal said.

@ombuya_paul said “You never praise anything good. Your work is praising impunity and condemning anything good. First get a permanent solution to the maize issue then we will listen to you.”

“Didn’t we hire services of a foreign lawyer to handle ICC case.Let me understand how different this is mheshimiwa,” @RIHARD59141778 said.

@Kbig_kenya said “Let the DPP do his work why you following him up and down he is trying to fight corruption and you are against that.”

“‏Let the DPP do his job. Don’t we have Chinese hawkers? Chief security manager of the SGR is a Chinese,” @dickodhe said.

@davidkarige1 said “We are tired of you guys lawyers, judges, politicians so corrupt, give us a break and let the DPP do his job he knows what he is doing and we are behind him.”

Others asked Murkomen to defend the ‘importation’ of Cuban doctors to the country.

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“I wish you told Uhuru the same thing when he brought Cuban doctors. Qureshi will also change lives by “sending” some to jail,” @ItsEnm_ said. 

@KozaLincoln said “This window was created by @UKenyatta when he employed 100 foreign doctors from Cuba.”

“Does the statement also apply to Cuban Doctors and Chinese workmen at the SGR, Avic Construction etc??? I’m an Advocate like you…. But we insist that you have consistency in your thought process,” @victor_munai said.

On Friday, the Attorney General Paul Kihara allowed Qureshi to practice as an advocate in Kenya but should only focus on Deputy Chief Justice  Philomena Mwilu graft case.

In a notice, Kihara said Qureshi’s authority to practice is only limited to the above matter and connected proceedings arising.

The clarification followed lawyer James Orengo’s objections to the foreign prosecutor’s involvement in the case. 

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