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Lightning kills Rangwe woman, husband in critical condition



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A 45-year-old woman died after lighting struck her home at Kadibuoro village in Rangwe, Homa Bay County on Sunday.

Mary Akinyi’s phone, which was charging using power from a solar panel installed on the roof, is said to have exploded after the lightning hit the house during the rainy night.

But her husband Mr Patrick Yala, 50, survived the lightning but is in a critical condition.

Mr Yala’s brother, Mr Nathaniel Ochieng’, said the phone exploded after lightning struck the solar panel installed on their roof.

Other electronic devices connected to the house’s solar panel were also destroyed. 

“Mr Akinyi’s body had some burns. A solar lamp and electronic gadgets were also destroyed after the electrocution,” Mr Ochieng’ said.

Mr Yala was taken to Ndiru health centre for treatment while unconscious.

“He has gained stability after we undertook medical care. We will continue monitoring him until he gets out of the hospital,” said Ndiru health centre in-charge Dancun Ngicho.

Area Chief Kennedy Okoko confirmed the incident and said they have reported the matter to the police who have launched an investigation.