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Local firm seeks piece of taxi app market



Harsh foreign laws that expose drivers to intimidation, unfair dismissal and poor payment in the online cab industry have seen locally made innovations make inroads into the cab industry.

Taxinet Kenya chief executive officer Abdirahman Mohamed on Saturday said that many drivers facing problems with international taxi hailing apps reached out to him and their stories inspired him to start a local app.

“Drivers across the country being oppressed by unfair dismissal, poor payment rates and poor insurance cover in case of an accident made me look into the matter,” he said.

Mohamed invented the app for the benefit of domestic markets.

“We are campaigning for ‘buy Kenya, build Kenya’ to make sure that our local apps benefit before we embrace those from our foreign brothers,” he said.

Taxinet charges 10 per cent commission on drivers compared to 15 and 25 charged by bigger players.

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