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Make merry responsibly and step up efforts to ensure safety for all : The Standard



The festive period is with us again and Kenyans have every reason to celebrate. This is despite the numerous challenges they have weathered in the past twelve months. They deserve every cheer and toast.

Now, seasons like these have in the past offered temptations for some to over indulge but have to live with consequences whose effects were far-reaching. Therefore, Kenyans should enjoy themselves to the fullest but take into consideration that their choices may adversely affect their lives after Christmas. It is worth noting that although the season offers an opportunity to go on a spending spree, January comes shortly after this festive period with its numerous financial demands.
There have been cases of relationships heading north in families after unplanned spending affected the family budget leading to months of financial stress and unpaid bills. It would be good if crucial accounts were settled before the merry-making gets underway to avoid family breakups and heartbreaks.
Drivers ferrying people to various destinations across the country should strictly observe traffic rules and be patient and courteous on the road. They should ensure there are no crashes or unnecessary snarl-ups on the highways, which may turn the joyous period into a nightmare.

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Minors straying
It pays to remember that while drinking and driving may at first appear fine, it could result into the driver being killed, maimed or in police cells for endangering the lives of other road users. The statistics of deaths on our roads are sickening and we should do everything possible to reverse the trend.
This is why the police and other government agencies should monitor the roads to tame those who may be tempted to break the law. Kenya has lost far too many people, and millions of lives destroyed by the senseless carnage.
Back at home and entertainment joints, parents and guardians should not let their eyes off children and young adults. Even as they play and eat, it is prudent to monitor them for if left on their own children can at times get into mischief which may lead to accidental deaths.
Incidents of minors straying into busy roads have been experienced in the past and this is why guardians must be vigilant at all times. Revelers too must be alert to frustrate criminals who lace drinks with the intention of stealing from them.

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There will be temptations for the partying young adults to over-indulge or engage in illicit affairs or introduction to drugs and alcohol. Such parties are healthy hunting ground for perverts whose actions have thrust many a teenager into the troubled world of parenthood at the expense of education and career.
Similarly, the law enforcers should not to be lured into inertia for there are characters always looking for an opportunity to reap where they have not sowed. Even as we rejoice, we should never let our guard down especially in public places like parks, malls and places of worship. Terrorism is real and everybody, especially security agents should always be on the alert to intervene or thwart terrorist acts.
At the same time, the best Christmas and New Year’s gift the government can give Kenyans is to rededicate itself by proactively ensuring prudence planning, spending and sound policy-making — it must work harder to rescue Kenyans from the current rut of financial constraints.
Politicians too would do Kenyans a lot of good if they use the season to spread cheer instead of planting seeds of discord. The season calls for sharing with the less-fortunate and ought not be used for display of opulence. It has indeed been a year of mixed bag with its lows and highs but despite all this we take this opportunity to wish all Kenyans a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. 

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