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Man reportedly Burns Popular Brothel in Pipeline after Losing Wallet, Phone



A distraught customer allegedly burnt down a famous brothel in Nairobi’s Pipeline area after an altercation with a commercial sex worker whom he claimed stole his valuables.

The man is said to have branched to the lodge on a Wednesday evening to ‘dip his crane in the oil well’, but was denied his ‘happy ending’ after losing his personal effects, which included a phone, a wallet, two ATM cards, and an ID card.

As the man was ‘entangling the lower beards’ with a prostitute at a reported cost of Sh200, a thief pulled his trousers from the next room, effectively ending his ‘happy time.’

According to witnesses, the horny man gave chase and pounced on another sex worker with kicks and blows as he demanded his valuables back. He even dragged her across the floor before her colleagues came to her rescue and ganged up on the man.

The sexworkers confronted him with crude weapons, prompting him to flee for his life.

A customer who was on his way to the brothel said he met the man running with angry women in hot pursuit.

“I met a man running from the place carrying what looked like an item of clothing and I thought he was a thief,” he told The Nairobian.

The sex workers said they heard the man mumble “something about torching the place down” as he fled.

The following day, the lodge that doubles up as a strip club, was set ablaze, fuelling rumours that the distraught customer could have teamed up with other victims of the sex workers to burn down the place.

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